Culture of Kindness

Every day, we have the ability to spread Kindness through simple gestures, thoughtful words, showing compassion and helping others. These are all simple acts of kindness that can impact someone’s day in a positive way!

Join staff from URJ Crane Lake Camp to learn how we set up a Culture of Kindness at camp and how you can create your own.

Antiracism & Racial Justice

Join NFTY alum Evan Traylor to learn about core concepts of antiracism work. Explore ways to create antiracist Jewish communities in NFTY and home congregations; understand the relationship between interpersonal interactions and systemic policies in creating an antiracist Jewish community, country, and world; and explore how to get involved with current racial justice advocacy work.

Feminist Activism By and for Jewish Teens

Block A Only


Moving Traditions emboldens youth by fostering self-discovery, challenging sexism, and inspiring a commitment to Jewish life and learning. The purpose of this workshop will be to highlight ways that teen feminists can get involved in various issues such as reproductive rights, inclusive sexuality education, more positive approaches to menstruation, women in politics and more. The workshop will highlight Kol Koleinu fellows teaching about these issues and sharing ways to get involved in their campaigns and projects. All feminists are welcome, regardless of gender identity!

Public Speaking

Former NFTY NAB member Maxwell Zucker will lead us in this workshop to help you feel prepared to get in front of any group of people and speak confidently.

Learn the main do's and don'ts of a good speech and proper speaking, and how it affects how people perceive you.

LGBTQ Affirmation: Fostering Belonging
& Allyship

Block B Only


Keshet works for the full equality of all LGBTQ Jews and their families in Jewish life.  Join Keshet Youth Leader Ollie Rokhsar (they/them) and National Director of Youth Programs Jaimie Krass (she/her) in sharing, celebrating, and exploring the ways we all self-express, how far we have all come in discovering who we are as individuals, and how allyship and affirmation benefit all marginalized and oppressed identities.


Feel free to bring any items that celebrate your unique self (clothing, artwork, makeup, etc.) to this workshop!

Graphic Design Crash Course

Learn from certified graphic designer Sarah Bate from URJ Camp Jacobs how to make engaging social media posts and get the word out about your event or initiative.

Theatre - Character Development

In this theater workshop you will learn from Eliana Rubin from URJ 6 Points Arts Academy about tools to develop a character and examine attributes of performance that make roles come to life.

HaTiktok: The Hope That Will Last Forever 

Ever wanted to grow your ability to navigate social platforms like TikTok as someone who cares a lot about Israel and the intersectionality of Judaism and Zionism? Here's your chance! Through deep, engaging, and fun discussion and activities, you'll become more well-versed in Progressive/Liberal Zionism so that you can be prepared to handle potentially anti-Semitic and anti-Israel rhetoric seen online.

Supporting the Mental Health of Others

Block A Only


Join mental health and disabilities advocate Pamela Schuller from HereNow to gain a better understanding of things you can do to support the mental health and wellness of yourselves and your friends. You will leave this workshop with concrete tools and work together to create resources you can share in your community.

Spirituality & Political Activism

Led by Anna Pouillet from Netzer Olami, This session will discuss the strength of Jewish values as leverage of social commitment. We will have a conversation around different contemporary challenges.

Everyday Leadership: Lollipop Moments

How do we make an impact on others when we are not physically with them during this time of COVID? What does it mean to be an everyday leader? Come learn from URJ Camp Eisner staff about everyday actions that can inspire others, and elevate your leadership and the leadership of others.

Fast Mug Meals... Learn Them & Love Them

Are you an expert in microwaving frozen food? Take your microwave skills to a new level with staff and teens from GUCI and learn creative and fast microwave mug meals you can use in college or during quarantine to ensure proper nutrition during challenging times. We will share recipes for an appetizer, main course and dessert - all made in a mug!

Please see the ingredient list so you can be prepared to participate with us.

Leadership is Not Linear

Block A Only


Join Nicki Braun, from Netzer Olami, the youth movement for the World Union of Progressive Judaism (which NFTY is a branch of) to talk about leadership . From Nicki: "My Netzer journey started as a shy and awkward kid at Australia’s summer camp, and now I am the head of the whole world movement. Follow my story of how I got to this leadership position, discovered my confidence, coordinated teams and groups, managed my time effectively, and became a role model for others. Everyone’s leadership journey is unique. Maybe I can help you discover yours."

Jewish Mindfulness and Meditation

Anyone who has been to camp for a summer knows that it is a special opportunity to change your pace, become aware of things you might not always see, and to increase appreciation in your life. Join members of the OSRUI staff team for a session of mindfulness and meditation and bring some of that awareness and gratitude to your daily schedule. No prior experience needed.  We invite you to bring a yummy snack to enjoy during the program!

Making Memes Jewish

NFTY alum Aly Silverberg created @jewishgirlprobs and now has almost 60K followers! Learn how something as simple as a meme can build Jewish identity, and communities and make us feel less alone.

Sci-Tech's Guide to Leveling Up Your Virtual Events

Join URJ 6 Points Sci-Tech staff to learn 6 tips and tricks to making virtual events more impactful including but not limited to; strengthening virtual facilitation, what High Impact Interval Training has to do with creating an effective online program experience, how to make your event more inclusive through basic universal design principles, tips for getting audience participation, and some Zoom best practices. Attendees will walk away with concrete tools, skills, and resources to help level up your online events.

The Talmud on Trolling

What can Hillel the Elder teach us about responding to those who seek to offend and provoke? Let's discuss how can we challenge difficult group members and maintain our Jewish values in the face of trolls.  Rabbi Deborah Blausten from Netzer Olami will lead us in this learning session.

Interview Skills

Block B Only

Learn from Rabbi Lexi Erdheim from URJ Jacobs Camp about how to rock an interview! Prepare for college and job interviews and learn how to leave a lasting impression.

Growing Up & the Challenges of Choice

High school is a time when we start thinking about adulting. What will your priorities as an adult be? What feels important to you? What feels scary? What is exciting? Participants will have the opportunity to rank a series of priorities of their adult life, discuss ranking with other teens and take some time to reflect on priorities.  Led by staff from URJ Camp Harlam.

Embracing Creativity

Truth: Everyone is creative. Believe us? Creativity is like a muscle—it can be strengthened through practice and experience. In this workshop, we will play games that require creativity to overcome constraints, solve puzzles, and make new connections. The goal of this workshop is to help build that creative confidence in you.

Torah in Our Times

Let's learn from our original leaders in time about how to lead in this unconventional and unpredictable world as we enter 2021.  Taught by Rachael Bootcov from Netzer Olami.

NFTY Convention 2021  |  February 5 - 7, 2021