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The Wendy Blickstein Memorial 
D'var Torah Competition

Are you interested in Torah and textual tradition? If so, we encourage you to enter the Wendy Blickstein Memorial D'var Torah Competition! This contest encourages any 9th-11th grader to submit an original d’var Torah.   When writing your d’var Torah, please connect your thoughts not only to parshat Yitro but also to the overarching theme of understanding the past and present as a way to shape our future as Jews and as leaders. The winning d’var Torah will be showcased during our Friday night services.

This contest is a great way to learn about Judaism and speak your mind on what this text says to you. Writing a d’var Torah is not as hard as you might think – it’s about reading the text, figuring out what you identify with the most, telling others why this matters, and learning how to write all of this out in a way that is meaningful. The winning
d’var Torah will be showcased during Friday night services at NFTY Convention.   


We are no longer accepting submissions for this competition.

NFTY Convention 2021  |  February 5 - 7, 2021